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Product Review: Crayola Cling Creator

This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this product with my own money, for my daughter.

Right off the bat, let's put this out there: When it comes to creative products for kids, Crayola really knows what they are doing. I have never had a bad experience with one of their products.

And the Crayola Cling Creator is no different.

My daughter receive this as a gift and we decided to bust it out to stretch our creative muscles on March Break.

This product allows kids to create 20 of their own custom window cling designs, mixing primary-coloured ink into a special liquid substance that is designed to create the tacky "window cling" substance that will stick to the window.

Here's what we loved about it:

  • Set-up was very easy. From the opening the box to playing we were ready to go in under 5 minutes. Awesome!

  • No batteries! 'Nuff said.

  • No screens, no electronics. Just good, old-fashioned creative fun. Major bonus to me.

  • Very easy to do. Instructions were very straightforward and after doing one window cling together, Miss Muffett (8) was able to carry on on her own. The only except was that the mixing pots can be a bit of a challenge to open, so expect little ones to need a bit of help with that.

  • It's fun! Kids can use the molds provided (heart, star, snake, lightning bolt, etc.) or use the provided clay to make a custom mold.

  • There's educational value. For younger kids, they can learn about the primary colours and how to mix them to create other colours.

The ONLY downside so far is that after one afternoon of use, we are already out of the blue ink.

A couple of tips:

Be sure your clings are totally dry before you try to take them out of the mold, and remove them carefully. The included tool helps with this, but a fingernail works, too.

Mix up the colours right before you want to use them. Otherwise, they will solidify and you won't be able to pour them.

Great for a rainy-day activity!


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