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Common Sense Media helps parents make informed media decisions

There are so many different types of media available to our kids these days. Movies, TV shows, computer games, books -- there are so many choices! And that's a wonderful thing. However, how do you know which types of media are particularly suited to your child's age, developmental stage, personality and sensibilities? That's where Common Sense Media comes in.

Here, you'll find detailed reviews of scores of movies (both current and past), games, apps, books and more. Each media piece is given an age rating, but the reviews go much deeper than that. Each one is given a rating in several categories, such as:

  • Violence

  • Sexy Stuff

  • Educational Value

  • Language

  • Drinking and Drugs, etc.

Within each category, there are detailed explanations designed to help parents make informed decisions about the media to which they expose their kids. For example, in the "Language" category, specific words that are mentioned in the movie are outlined and the nature, frequency and severity of Violence are outlined in that category.

This website has been a lifesaver for my family. Movies that hubby and I watched as a kid contain words and scenes we had forgotten about, and without Common Sense Media we might otherwise be in for some awkward moments during movie night.

The next time you are looking for suitable media for your child (all the way up through the teen years) consult commonsensemedia.org.

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