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THE best way to "roast" a chicken

One of the most comforting meals ever (in my most humble opinion) is a roast chicken dinner. I do not, however, love the idea of having to heat up my house (especially in the warmer weather) nor do I want to worry about over-cooking the chicken and drying it out.

I have found the answer.

Catherine McCord of Weelicious.com changed my world with her Herbed Chicken in the Crockpot.

This is a deceptively easy recipe. It seems like it can't possibly work. All you do is this:

Step 1: Wash your chicken and pat it very dry with paper towels. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step.

Step 2: Season your chicken liberally with whatever seasonings you love. I typically use garlic powder, onion powder, sage, paprika, oregano and pepper. Don't skimp on the seasonings. They will form the "crust" on your chicken, since the skin won't get golden brown like it would in the oven. DON'T ADD LIQUID. I know you will want to, but don't. Trust me. It works out just fine.

Step 3: Turn on the crockpot to HIgh and cook for 2.5 - 3 hrs. Let rest for a few minutest before cutting into it.

This chicken goes deliciously with mashed or roasted potatoes and your favourite vegetable sides. Perfect for Sunday dinner, any night of the week!


Click the video below to see how she does it:

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