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My Favourite YouTube Vloggers

Do you watch YouTube videos? Chances are good if you are part of this blogging family, you also enjoy watching and following certain YouTubers. I always think it's fun to discover new people to follow, so I thought I'd give a shout out to some of my faves here. Maybe you'll discover a few new favourites, too!

I love to watch this type of video the most. There's something about getting a glimpse into another mom's busy life that is so interesting. Perhaps it's because it lets us know we are all in the same boat. Here are a few people you might like to follow.

#1: She's in her Apron

Kimmy and her family of 6 are so fun and engaging to watch! She features recipes, vlogs, Costco hauls, menu planning, and more -- all with a very down-to-earth, real sensibility. Love her!

#2: aka Mommy

Melony is a homeschooling mom of 4. She shares her family's meals, shopping hauls, recipes, chit-chat about family life and homeschooling, and more. Watchng her videos is like spending time with a good girlfriend!

#3: Shelly's Home Life

Shelly is Texas SAHM of one teenage daughter. Her channel features great recipe videos, a weekly menu plan and grocery haul, and more. My favourite of her videos are her "What's for DInner?" series, in which she shows what her family ate the previous week, including their reviews on any new recipes they try.

#4: Sassy Masha Vlogs

Maria's channel is full of life, positivity and light! She features vlogs, unboxing videos, and various other types of content, all with a friendly, warm attitude that makes you compelled to keep watching her. Also check out her ASMR channel, GentleWhispering for some utra-relaxing videos featuring Mari's oh-so-soothing voice.

#5: StilaKiss33

If you are looking for someone who tells it like it is, thiis is the channel for you. She posts haul videos, daily vlogs, and her weekly Winey Wednesday, in which she reviews a new wine and then talks about her "whine" of the week. It's like having a weekly date with your bestie. Her no-nonsense approach to life will make you snort laugh.

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