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Sanity Saver: Create a Go-To Recipe Collection

Sanity Saver: Go-to meals!

Planning meals for your family is essential. (See my post on why meal planning is so important). The trouble is, it can get a bit tedious to try to come up with something each week that everyone will eat. The solution: Build up an arsenal of go-to, tried-and-true meals that you know will be met with enthusiasm. From there, you can switch things up once or twice per week with a new recipe when time permits, but when life gets busy you know you can rely on these meals to get you through without mealtime battles.

Tips to make this work:

Ask your family what they really love. You might be surprised! Ask for side dish suggestions, too, because you can’t just eat a slab of meatloaf.

Gather all of your go-to recipes in one place. This can be a recipe binder, Pinterest board, whatever. It’s just important that they are all in a place you and the other cooks in your family can easily access.

Keep staples on hand. This includes the ingredients to make the recipes, of course, but also staple side dishes and other things you can add to flesh out the meal in a flash. Rice, orzo, couscous and quinoa are great panty grains to keep on hand. Frozen vegetables and heat-and-serve breads are a terrific way to make your recipe into a full meal without having to head to the grocery store.

There are several reasons why the go-to menu plan works.

There’s no work involved. You know the recipes work. You know where to find them. You know what you need to make them. You know the family will like them. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel every week. This is a great sanity saver when you have a busy week.

You can keep the ingredients on hand. That means that even when life throws you a curveball (and it inevitably will) you can rest assured that when the rest of your meal plan goes out the window, you still have everything you need to throw together a meal your family loves.

Having things on hand that you know you can throw together no matter what will keep you from spending money on eating out.

Our go-to options look something like this:

  • Pasta and sauce

  • Tacos

  • Stir fry

  • Chicken strips or chicken burgers

  • Soup and sandwich

  • Crockpot meals such as chili

What are yours? I’d love it if we could trade ideas!

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