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A Mother's Day gift from the heart

I don't know about yours, but mine mom is amazing. She and my dad raised me to be strong, determined, tough, kind, and to laugh at myself. Those life lessons I learned along the way have served me very well, particularly growing up, and now parenting, as a person with special needs.

This Mother's Day, forego the flowers and candy. Give your mom a gift from the heart. A gift only you can give her.

Write your mom a letter.

I know, you're saying "But I'm not a writer." Even I (who happens to actually BE a professional writer) can struggle to find the right words to convey how I really feel about someone. It's always risky to put our true selves out there. But isn't your mom worth it?

It doesn't have to be a long, sweeping epic of a thing. Just a few lines about how you appreciate her, about how much she means to you and how she is an important part of your life, even though you are all grown up and may even have kids of your own.

You could even write a list of "10 Things I Love About You," or "My Favourite Memories With You."

One thing is, I dare to say, universally true about mothers: They will never tire of hearing (or reading) loving words of appreciation from their children. Too many of us forget or struggle to say these things once we are past the artwork-on-the-fridge stage. We think to ourselves, "Oh, she knows I love her." And she probably does. But that doesn't mean she won't want to hear it!

So, although bubble bath and manicures are lovely Mother's Day gifts (and they really, truly are!) this year, take the time to write down a few words of appreciation for your mom. She will cherish that more than anything you could buy in a store, I promise.

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