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Pinterest Tip: Organize your recipes

OK readers. Let's be honest. How many among us spend countless hours trolling Pinterest for recipes, only to pin them to a "Recipes to Try" board and never think of them again? I'm guilty as charged, but I do try to go through my "Recipes to Try" board and try out at least 1 new recipe every week. When I try a new recipe, each of the three of us gets a vote (and Izzy, too!) and if we vote as a family that it is a keeper, it gets added into the recipe rotation.

Now, here's where my tip comes in. Instead of leaving those family-approved recipes languishing in the limbo of your "Recipes to Try" board, where you'll constantly wonder "Did we like that, or not?" the next time you go through your list, try this instead. Create a "Family Favourites" board and move pins to recipes that your family liked to it instead. That way, when you are looking for a recipe you know your family will like, you can refer to that board and know you have a dinnertime ace in the hole.

Try it and thank me later.

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