• Staci

My hidden talent

You know how talk show hosts will often ask celebrities if they have a hidden talent? Well, I've never been asked by Ellen or the hosts of The Chew about my hidden talent (or anything else, for that matter) but here it is: I have a weird knack for detecting accents.

I don't know why I have this knack, and it certainly hasn't really done me any practical good in my life (other than winning a few bets!) but there you go. Most hidden talents don't really have a practical purpose I guess, other than being cool party tricks. I can't juggle and I may not be able to balance a book on my head while riding a unicycle, but I can tell the difference between an accent from London vs. Liverpool, and I can almost always tell when a movie or TV actor is "putting on" an accent other than their natural one.

What is your hidden talent?


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