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Summer sports snack tips

It's that time of year again. Whether you are a soccer family, a baseball family, or any other kind of team sports family, one thing is pretty much inevitable: Snack time. Most often, coaches will distribute some sort of snack schedule, asking that each family take a turn providing snacks for the whole team. Does the thought of that strike fear in your heart? Don't worry. I've got you.

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First-time soccer mamas often operate under the misconception that they have to impress. They toil away making cupcakes with icing that matches the team's colours or cookies shaped like their mascots. Don't get me wrong; that's awesome if you have the time and energy to do it. I don't. So, what do you do?

The most important thing to remember is that it's a snack. It's not a job application. Don't stress yourself out over it. The next thing to remember is they are kids. The snack needs to be something that appeals to kids. Yes, you could be the mom who insists on bringing orange slices and water, which is without a doubt a nutritious snack, but there are other nutritious snacks that offer a little more kid appeal than that, and with not much more effort.

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As with any group activity for which you are supplying food, always ask about food allergies first so you can bring something that everyone can enjoy.

Here are some ideas:

Kid-friendly (nut-free) trail mix:

Mix together whole wheat fishy crackers, low-salt pretzels, dried fruit, and a few chocolate chips. Package in individual bags for each team member.

Watermelon "spears":

Instead of cutting a watermelon into wedges, which can be hard for little hands to manage, cut it into thick matchsticks. There's something about watermelon that most kids love, and it can be very refreshing on those hot days on the field.

Natural string cheese:

There are all kinds of string cheeses out there, and some are healthier than others. Look for ones that are made with real cheese, not processed. Pair with some whole wheat crackers and you've got a great, healthy snack for the team.

Yogurt tubes:

Yogurt is a great snack, but when you have to worry about spoons, it can quickly be a mess. Yogurt tubes are a great option. And if you freeze them before hand, they are even more of a cool treat on a hot day!

Squeezie apple sauce:

There are all kinds of organic, sugar-free or low-sugar options out there for squeezable apple sauce pouches. Again, because no spoons are necessary this is a mess-free option.

The important things to consider when choosing snacks are that they offer a measure of nutrition, that they are tasty, and that they are easy to transport to the game and easy for the kids to eat. Don't forget a bag for garbage and lots of napkins! We all know kids can be messy little critters :)

Happy sports season!!

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