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REVIEW: Coast to Coast Coffee

DISCLAIMER: The coffees reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

I received four different coffees for this review, from Coast to Coast Coffee:

Mexico Chiapas -- "Caramel, dark cocoa, almond" flavours

Superior Dark --" This is a full bodied coffee, highlighted with dark chocolate flavors, and a caramelized sugar reminiscent of molasses."

Decaf -- "Sweet, rich, citrus" flavours

Papua New Guinea Enorga -- "Chocolate, lemon, mango" flavours

Coast to Coast Coffee is known as "Canada's Local Roaster." They deliver their freshly ground, small-batch, organic and fair trade coffees anywhere in Canada, and they even pay the shipping for you! I love the fact that it's so convenient and affordable to get (spoiler alert!) truly great coffee right in my mailbox.

Their coffees are mailed out on the same day they are roasted, which means the coffee you receive is as fresh and ready to be ground to your desired grind, allowing you to make a superior cup of coffee right in your own home.

I also love the fact that Coast to Coast Coffee is Canadian. I love being able to support a company from right here at home!

The details:

Each weekly order comes with 400g of coffee. That's enough for households with two or more coffee drinkers to have 2 or more cups per day for the week. (Note that in the photo above, each "pod" of beans contains more than a standard order).

Cost is $16.95, tax and delivery included

Free delivery (including tax) to your mailbox

No need to prepay in advance. Pay as you go!

Pause and/or cancel at any time. No commitments!

Now, let's get to the coffees themselves...

The first one I tried was the Superior Dark. I'm a sucker for a dark roast coffee. The first batch I made was a little weak, but that's entirely my fault. I didn't read their recommended ratios for coffee to water, and I wasn't using nearly enough. When I got the amounts right, however, this coffee was knock-your-socks-off delicious. The aroma is enough to get even the most resistant person up out of bed in the morning, on a mission to find the source of that heavenly smell. This will be a favourite. I'm sure of it. (I might have to hoard these beans).

Then I tried the Mexico Chiapas. This is a lighter coffee compared to the dark, but it is still deep and rich, with lots of flavour. If you aren't a fan of really dark brews but still want something with a little oomph, this is a good one.

Now, let's move on to the real shocker of the bunch: the decaf. In all my nearly 40 years on this earth, I have never, ever, EVER been a fan of decaf. I have been known to say "that stuff is swill. Not worth drinking." So, needless to say, I was hesitant to give this one a whirl but in the spirit of a good review, I soldiered on. I drank the first cup......AND WENT BACK FOR ANOTHER. Yes, my lovelies, this photo is of my SECOND cup of decaf in one day:

The mark of a truly great coffee company, in my books, is their ability to get me to actually like decaf. Coast to Coast Coffee is the very first company who can make that claim. I not only liked their decaf, I enjoyed it. I will make it again. Soon. Mind blown.

After trying these coffees, I highly recommend you give Coast to Coast Coffee a try. There is so much to love about this company! First and foremost, their coffees are delicious! (I still have yet to try the Papua New Guinea, in all honesty, but I will and will update you soon!) Next, because they roast their beans in small batches and mail them out on the same day, you get the very freshest, high-quality beans right in your mailbox. And because their beans are all organic and fair trade, you can feel good about the coffee you are drinking.

The one caveat I will give about their coffee is that you may have to use more coffee grounds than you might be used to if you typically drink standard supermarket brand coffees, but once you follow their directions, a successful coffee-brewing experience shall be yours.

I drink coffee every single morning and, at least until my beans run out and/or I replenish my supply, that coffee with be Coast to Coast Coffee. Cheers!

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