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VIDEO REVIEW: 8-year-old tastes MunchPak snacks!

Note that this post contains affiliate links. This post was NOT sponsored by MunchPak, but the products were sent to me free of charge for review. All opinions are mine (and those of my official taste tester!)

If you are the kind of person who likes to try new things, but doesn't want to spend time trolling speciality markets and stores in search of unique snacks from around the world, MunchPak is a great option for you. The box we received was MunchPak Mini, which the company says contains 5+ snacks to try. Here's a quick look at our box:

Canadian mom blog MunchPak

MunchPak ships worldwide, so no matter where you live, you can get a taste of the world delivered right to your doorstep! How cool is that?

Let's look at the plans and prices, and then we'll move on to the review itself:

MunchPak Mini (5+ snacks) - $9.95 per box

Original MunchPak (10+ snacks) - $19.95 per box

Family MunchPak (20+ snacks) - $39.95 per box

Subscribers can opt to have their boxes delivered once a week, twice a month, or once a month.

You can either let the curators at MunchPak pick the snacks for you at random, or you can specify which types of snacks you'd prefer - or not prefer -- to receive, for an additional fee. You can also add a drink to your box for an additional fee, and this item does not count against your box snack total. In other words, if you add a drink to the MunchPak Mini, you'll still get at least 5 snacks in the box.

Alright, here we go! Watch as my 8-year-old daughter gives us her two cents on what was in the box.

Thanks for stopping by! If you do subscribe to MunchPak, let us know what you got in your box! If there are any other subscription boxes you love, shout them out in the comments so we can try them, too!

Have an awesome day!

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