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BOOK REVIEW: Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures

This is the first in a series of book reviews I will be doing this summer with my 8-year-old daughter. She will read a series of books that were sent to us for review and post a review in her own words, along with my thoughts. Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

C's review:

I liked the shark book. It has lots of cool facts. My favourite animal in the book is the black mouthed shark. I give the book a four out of four. This book is interesting. The cover is cool.

My review:

Published by DK, This book is a great resource for any kids who are interested in sea creatures. It has lots of awesome photos, facts and information on just about every deadly sea creature one could imagine. The cover is sturdy, which will allow families to keep this book around for a long time, referring to it time and again. The information on each animal is detailed enough for older kids, but also presented with enough visual impact to capture the attention of younger ones, too.

I highly recommended Sharks and Other Deadly Sea Creatures for families with kids who are interested in these animals, homeschool families looking to add another resource to their library, or even as an accompaniment to a trip to an aquarium.

Find out more about this book here.

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