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REVIEW: The New New Age Subscription Box

The New New Age is a retail store in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. Part farm, part bistro, part brew pub and part market, they specialize in providing lifestyle products such as teas, honey, beeswax candles, incense, spice blends, etc.

It seems the theme this month was "smoky," although that's just my observation. In my box, there were the following items:

Fire Dragon Herbal Tea

Applewood Smoked Salt

Incense of the West Juniper Incense

Incense burner

Here's what I love about these products:

They are locally sourced. The tea and salt blend were created by The New New Age themselves, and I really appreciate the chance to buy and use products from local businesses.

The products are full size. There was a full bag (90g) of tea, a full jar of the salt, and a full box of incense bricks. These are not puny samples!

I used the smoked salt to make Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toffee Bits. Here is the result:

I adapted these slightly from a recipe a found here. I was compelled to try these by the phrase "These cookies will straight up change your life." I mean, how can you NOT try a recipe that says that? (She wasn't wrong, by the way. This cookies are pretty awesome.) My 8-year-old is already asking me to make them again. My life was straight-up changed indeed.

The Fire Dragon tea has a very smoky, almost tobacco-like scent. I really like that, but some people might find it strong. It's definitely not a light-bodied tea. I think I will save this for the colder months, as I am kind of liking fruitier, lighter teas right now, but this tea will definitely get used then.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not burn the incense as my husband has asthma and some fragranced items like that can affect his breathing. But I will pass it along to someone who will love it!

This is a very unique subscription box, and one definitely worth checking out. If you live in the Port Stanley area, they offer pickup service so you can save on shipping, Prices start at around $30 per box and they are worth every penny.

Thank you to The New New Age for producing amazing local products! I would love to try more of your stuff! I will definitely be back.

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