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Accessible Toronto Part 3: Medieval Times

accessible Toronto Medieval Times

The next stop on our road trip to Toronto was Medieval Times (read Part 1 here, where we explored the Royal Ontario Museum, and Part 2, where we enjoyed the Hockey Hall of Fame, here.

We arrived at Medieval Times in plenty of time (they recommend 75 minutes in advance of show time, and I think we were there even a bit before that). We had to stand outside (I was in my chair) and wait during this time, which was fine as I was able to sit down, but if anyone has mobility issues and needed to sit, I can't speak to what arrangements could have been made.

Nevertheless, when the doors were opened, we were immediately ushered inside by people addressing us as "m'lord" and "m'lady," which definitely added to the overall immersive experience. After having our photo taken with the princess, we were shown into a large space that featured a bar, a gift shop and had the air of a castle, with banners hanging from the ceiling, etc. The staff told us that if we arrived at the designated spot where guests were to convene before entering the arena a few minutes before the designated time, we would be allowed to take our seats before anyone else, to help with mobility concerns. This was the only glitch in the whole night. Despite arriving when we were told, the Medieval Times employee who told us to do this (and who was the one to greet guests at that spot) did not seat us early. I did have to walk down a few stairs (which I was prepared for) and there was no railing, which would have been a big challenge for me to manage. HOWEVER, a very lovely young man who worked there offered me his arm and assisted me in getting right to my seat, offering to do the same when it was time to leave. My only regret is that I didn't get his name. He truly was exemplary. If you are the young man who helped me the evening of July 5th and you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Our seats were spectacular -- right in the action! My 8-year-old was completely awestruck the entire time. It was wonderful! Our server was friendly and helpful and the manager came over to ensure we had everything we needed. We could not have asked for better service. As mentioned, there is no stair rail to the seats we had, which were right down in front, but they do have accessible seating if you are unable to walk down a few steps. If you can manage a few steps, however, it's worth choosing those seats as you'll up close and able to see everything perfectly and, as I mentioned, the staff was enormously helpful in escorting me to my seats and ensuring I was comfortable. You don't see that level of service everywhere, and I am very proud to say that Medieval Times went above the call of duty.

So, with the small glitch that occurred with respect to being able to be seated before everyone else to help with accessibility not working out, I couldn't have asked for better service from Medieval Times in Toronto. From opening doors and helping me to my seat and back, not once was my mobility ever an issue or impediment to the enjoyment of the show, and I can sincerely say if you are concerned about the ability to fully experience the Medieval Times show. From entrance to exit, they make every effort to ensure that the experience is barrier free and enjoyable for everyone, and I truly appreciate and am grateful for that.

Thank you for a wonderful time, Medieval Times! We hope to see you again sometime.

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