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TruLocal: Fresh, local, delicious

If you've never heard of TruLocal, they are meat delivery service based in Milton, Ontario. Customers can order boxes of various sizes, based on their family size, budget, and personal preferences.

Here's what was in our box:

So, we received chicken, ground beef and ground chicken, bacon, steak, and pork chops. I wasn't home when the delivery arrived, but I will tell you that by the time I reached home later that day, the products were still very frozen and safe. They come packed in dry ice in an insulated container, keeping everything nice and safe, even if you aren't home to put it in the freezer right away. Here's proof:

(I know, a pile of frozen raw meat doesn't make for a very appetizing photo, but I wanted you to see that it was very well packaged and still frozen when we received it.)

The first thing we made was the steak and the chops. This was, by far, the best steak I have ever had at home -- possibly ever. Even though I like my steak well done (I know, it's criminal to steak lovers, but it is what it is) the steak was still tender, juicy and full of flavour. I couldn't eat the whole thing in one meal, so the next day I cut it into strips and heated it up to use in a wrap for my lunch. Despite being reheated, it was STILL tender! Absolutely delicious.

We made many different meals with our TruLocal order. With the ground beef, we made tacos and meatball subs. We used the bacon on BLTs for breakfast (side note: This is the best bacon you will ever eat. It won't knock you over with salt, but you'll still get that satisfying bacon taste you crave. I probably could have eaten the entire pound myself, but I showed restraint). We cooked the pork chops on the grill, and we grilled the chicken stuffed with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato.

Everything was so delicious! You could really taste the freshness of the meat. These products are far superior to anything you will find in the grocery store.

Want to know more? Here's the 411 on ordering from TruLocal:

Head to their website https://trulocal.ca/home

Select a box size: Choose from the small box ($125) or regular box ($250). They also offer a sample box for $99 if you want to try the service out.

Select your delivery schedule: Every 2 weeks, Every 3 weeks, or Once a month

Select the contents of your box: Here, you'll get a certain number of "credits" based on the size of the box you chose. From there, you shop their selection of meat and fish products until your credits run out. Each item has a designated points value and you can customize your box any way you want. Our box, for example, did not contain any fish products, as we don't typically eat fish.

The great thing about this system is that you'll never receive something you won't eat, so nothing goes to waste. You will get only the products you select, in the amounts your family prefers. So, if you wanted an entire box of chicken, in theory you could do that.

If you are looking for a convenient way to feed your family high-quality, hormone-free, antibiotic free meat from a local source, I highly recommend signing up for a TruLocal delivery. It's some of the most delicious mail you will ever receive!

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