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We travelled to Ancient Egypt today!

I have a budding history buff in my house. The truth of the matter is, all three of us love history and learning about past civilizations, cultures, and faraway places. When Mysteries in Time agreed to generously send us one of their history-themed subscription boxes to check out, we were so excited!

The premise of Mysteries in Time is that kids and their families follow along with Max and Katie as they travel back in time with a time machine to a different time and place with each month's delivery. The first stop is a Ancient Egypt!

The timing of that couldn't be more perfect. We recently went to the Royal Ontario Museum (check out that post here) where we explored all kinds of things, including a real-life mummy and many other Egyptian artifacts. My 8yo was very intrigued by all things Egyptian already, and the MIT box only added fuel to the fire!

Here's what was inside:

They offer two different kits: The Classic Pack and the Bumper Box. The Classic Pack is £7.95 plus postage, and the Bumper Box for £12.95 plus postage. The Box you see here is the Bumper Box.

This kit is jam-packed! You'll get:

a giant world map

a junior novel containing Max and Katie's adventure


a history booklet

several Egypt-themed colouring pages

an artifact (in this case a canopic jar)

a craft (to make an amulet in this case)

and more!

The kit contains paint, clay, a brush, coloured pencils and more -- everything you will need to complete all of the activities contained therein.

I am so impressed by the quality of this kit! The colouring pages are on thick, creamy paper, the novel is engaging and interesting, and all of the historical information is presented in a fun, interesting way! From a parent's perspective, I also love the fact that they include everything you need to complete all of the crafts and activities, so I don't have to scramble to find anything extra. It's all there.

The learning value is equal to the fun value in this Mysteries in Time kit, which is both rare and awesome! I am always looking for activities to feed into my daughter's curiosity and areas of interest and this is one of the best ways I've found so far.

I think this would also be great for families who homeschool! We don't, but I think this would be a fun way for families to learn and explore history together at home in a homeschool setting.

If you are looking for a fun way to teach a child in your life about history, Mysteries in Time is a great idea! It also makes a great gift.

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