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8yo reviews: The Children's Illustrated Atlas

The Children's Illustrated Atlas is a fantastic resource for school-age kids! It provides a wealth of information that you'd find in most atlases, but it goes far beyond that, too. it provides kids with interesting facts about the people, food, plants, etc. for each country/region, making this a comprehensive guide to world geography. I love that this book is written in a way that is easy for elementary-school age kids to find the information they need on their own, teaching them good research skills and sparking curiosity. My 8yo has been loving reading this book during the Olympic Games in Rio, looking up new countries as she discovers them and learning about Brazil itself.

DK Canada hits it out of the park once again. This book is going to be a part of our homework station for sure! (Stay tuned for a blog post/and YT video on that shortly).

C's review:

This is a good book! It's fun to read because it has lots of facts, not just maps of different places so I can learn about all the countries. It also comes with a map you can put on the wall! The pictures are really cool! It's easy to find what you are looking for, too. It will come in handy for school.

This book was sent to us by DK Canada for the purposes of review. Thanks so much, DK Canada!

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