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In my 8yo's words: Review of "The Storm" by Akiko Miyakoshi

My review:

"The Storm," is a picture book that deals with the themes of disappointment, using one's imagination to get through scary situations, and the power of a new day to bring new possibilities. It is the story of a child whose parents promise to bring him to the beach the following day but, because of an impending storm, the plans potentially get postponed -- much to the child's chagrin. The storm does come, and the child deals with his fears of the storm by creating a grand adventure in his imagination. As luck would have it, the sun is shining the following day and the beach trip can go ahead as planned!

The drawings in this book are absolutely stunning, beautifully depicting the stormy mood and theme of the story.

C's review:

The pictures are very nice. They look like they are drawn by pencil. The story is interesting! It's about a boy who is going to the beach but it rains the night before. The next morning he wakes up and it's sunny again! I would recommend this book to a kid who likes adventures.

We were generously sent a copy of "The Storm," by Akiko Miyakoshi from Kids Can Press for the purposes of review. Thank you very much, Kids Can Press!

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