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A "honey" of a subscription box!

Whimsy Mail and Putter Pails is a subscription box (two, actually -- one aimed at girls and the other for boys) designed for tweens. Each box contains a variety of things from tasty treats to crafts and more.

The theme of the August box was "Bee Happy!" and the they certainly delivered on the theme. We received the Whimsy Mail box, which is geared toward girls. Here's what was in the box:

Whimsy Mail Subscription Box

The box contained:

  • A "Bumble Bee Spa" craft kit, containing a dish, rocks, paint and a brush so your tween can create a special spot for bees to stop for a drink or a rest.

  • Tu-Bees Gourmet Honey in a tube

  • A lotion bar

  • Bee nail decals

  • Honey straws (the box came with two, but someone was very eager to try one before this picture was taken!)

  • and Grizzly Granola

Inside the box is a detailed description of each item, which I find enormously helpful and I truly appreciate when a company does that.

This is by far one of the best subscription boxes we've gotten. I love that it's Canadian, for starters. (the company is out of Brockville, Ontario). Also, I find that many "kids" boxes are geared either toward really little kids or teens. This one fits beautifully into the middle.

I also love the variety of products that are offered. There are crafts, products for the body, edible treats, and more in this box. It's a nice mix!

Finally, I love how they are true to theme. It's not always easy to find products that fit into a theme without seeming forced, but nothing in this box is a throwaway. We will use (and in many cases have used/eaten) every single thing in this box!

My daughter absolutely loved the granola. It went into a baggie and she ate it while watching daddy playing in a baseball tournament. Full of rolled oats, chocolate chips, dried pineapple and banana chips, the flavour (yes, I stole some) was fresh and tasty, and I loved that I could pronounce all of the ingredients.

Whimsy Mail Subscription Box

The Bee Smooth Lotion Bar was a very creative way to incorporate a body product into the box. A different treat from traditional lotion, even the lotion bar was emblazoned with a bee image! It smelled lovely and was extremely moisturizing without being greasy. I would love to get my hands on more of these! (Pun only slightly intended). This is a Whimsy Mail original product.

Whimsy Mail Subscription Box

The Tu Bees Gourmet Honey in a tube is not only genius (being in a tube, it's easier to use and won't crystallize) it's also delicious! My daughter squeezed this directly into her mouth and said she couldn't wait to have it on toast. Check out their full lineup at www.tu-bees.com

Bee---Utiful Nail Decals were another Whimsy Mail original. Such a perfect, cute little addition to allow your not-so-little girl to take the bee theme on the go! Not gonna lie -- I was very tempted to sport some bees on my piggies, too!

Whimsy Mail Subscritpion Box

Honey Sticks are filled with all natural, unpasteurized honey which you can add as a topping to granola, yogurt, ice cream, etc. or simply (as my daughter did) drink it directly out of the straw! These products are made by thehoneybeestore.ca

If you are looking for a special way to surprise a tween in your life, I HIGHLY recommend Whimsy Mail and Putter Pails. This company really puts a lot of thought into their product selection, from choosing fun, interesting, and varied products to choosing products that are natural and locally made. I realy appreciate that dedication to the product selection.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. Their customer service was very friendly and prompt with responses, and I can feel their enthusiasm even across the internet wires! It's very refreshing to be able to work with a company with such a positive vibe.

Whimsy Mail and Putter Pails are only $23.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling each. If you are local to the Brockville, Ontario, area, you can pick up your order if you prefer. I can tell you for sure that this subscription is worth every penny.

This box was generously sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and those of my daughter!

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