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8yo Book Review: The Most Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires

Published by Kids Can Press, The Most Magnificent Thing is a story of a little girl who comes up with the idea to invent "the most magnificent thing". She knows exactly how it will look and work. However, she soon learns that the reality of creating this thing is much more difficult than she at first realizes. She tries -- and fails -- repeatedly. When her dog suggests they go on a walk, the girl comes home with a renewed sense of dedication. She tries again, and this time she is successful!

This book is a great tool for teaching kids about the value of hard work and dedication and how perseverance can go a long way toward helping us achieve our goals. It also illustrates how it's OK to make mistakes. More than that, it's a great story with a great, big, thumping heart!

C's review:

I like how she makes a sidecar for her puppy. I like the pictures in this book. I like how everything else is in black and white except for the important stuff like the people. I like the part when the dog pees on the invention and a boy picks it up and says, This one's all wet!" That part made me laugh. This would be a good book for kids who like to invent things.

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