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8yo Book Review: The Not-So-Faraway Adventure

Andrew Larsen's heartwarming book, The Not-So-Faraway Adventure depicts the touching relationship between a little girl named Theo and her grandfather, whom she calls Poppa. It tells the story of how a seemingly ordinary day can become magical, and how adventure awaits right in your own neighbourhood, if you approach the day with the right attitude. This book makes me grateful for the relationship C has with my husband's father, as my own dad passed away when C was just 16 days old.

C's review:

I like this book. The pictures in it are good. They look real! A girl and her Grandpa go on an adventure. The story makes me think of my Grandpa. My favourite part is when they go to the restaurant because the food looks so good. I recommend this book to kids to kids around age 5.

Published by Kids Can Press, The Not-So-Faraway Adventure Is a delightful story about the power of imagination and how an everyday situation can be changed just by changing your perspective.

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