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Give your smoothie a BOOST!

I am a big fan of smoothies. Mostly because a) I don't eat a lot of fruit in solid form, and b) I don't like eating breakfast. Whipping up a smoothie helps me to accomplish both getting in more fruits and having breakfast, all in one glass.

When ChickAdvisor sent me a six-pack of Boost High Protein drinks to try, I thought I'd use them as a way to amp up the nutrition in my smoothie. Here's what I put in:

1/2 cup frozen fruit (I had frozen peaches, nectarines and strawberries when they were in season)

1 frozen banana

1 bottle of Boost High Protein (I was sent vanilla flavour, but I would imagine they'd all be great for this)

Milk, to think out the smoothie (maybe 1/4 cup)

Throw it all into the blender, whiz it up and go!

The result was a tasty, not-too-sweet, filling smoothie. Check it out:

Boost High Protein Smoothie

(I couldn't resist including a Halloween straw.)

The next time you are looking for something quick, easy, tasty, and nutritious for breakfast or as a meal replacement any time, I recommend you give Boost High Protein a try.

This product was sent to me free from ChickAdvisor for the purposes of review.

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