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The best book for road trips

We've likely all been there: You pile the kids into the car, fuel up the adults with coffee, and head out on the open road toward your destination. Everything is going fine until those dreaded, yet inevitable, words are spoken from the back seat.


Car trips can be challenging. The kids are strapped into their seats, unable to run around, charged with the task of entertaining themselves while the driver and co-pilot navigate to the family's destination.

Although I do think that electronics can play a valuable role in keeping kids busy on the road, I am also a proponent of activities that keep the whole family busy, engaged, and having fun together! Enter Boredom Buster, by Lonely Planet. This book is absolutely chock-full of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, and games that the entire family can get in on. Kids can do the activities themselves, too, which makes this a very versatile and fun book to use in many ways.

Boredum Buster Book

The book includes a wide range of activities for kids as young as 5 all the way up to mom, dad, and grandma and grandpa! Word games, memory games, silly games, tongue twiters and more -- it's all here. And one of the best parts is that for most of the activities, there are no pens, paper, or dice required to complete any of the activities. The only thing required is the book itself, so there are no small pieces to lose between the seats (and nothing additional to remember to bring with you!). Some of the games (like checkers) can be played with items like coins once you reach your destination (or if you are travelling by RV and have a table!)

Whether you travel by car, plane, train, or boat, be sure to pick up a copy of Boredom Buster. The whole family will thank you!

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