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New Year, New Outlook?

So, it's January again. Everywhere we turn, there are promises of new looks, new diets, new bodies, new outlooks, and all-around self improvement. I'm all for self improvement, but here's why I don't make resolutions.

To me, resolutions are a recipe for failure. Most of us have no willpower, let's be honest. Whether your resolution is to eat better, lose weight, quit smoking, use less social media, etc. these resolutions are designed to do one thing: To force us to cut down on things we enjoy. Right? I mean honestly. Yes, it's beneficial to our overall health and well-being to do change our diets, get moving, spend less time on screens, etc. but there's a reason resolutions are hard to keep: because they make us do things we don't want to do!

So, what's the answer? For me, I don't look at January 1st as a day to make resolutions. What I do instead is I make goals for the year. What's the difference? Let's look at it more closely.

Resolution: I will stop drinking pop.

Goal: I will drink more water.

Resolution: I will stop eating cookies.

Goal: I will eat more fruits and vegetables.

See the difference? Instead of limiting yourself and setting restrictions and rules on yourself that you will probably break by January 3, goals are positive, actionable things that you can feel good about doing. (Incidentally, when you up your water intake, you won't have room in your day for sugary drinks, so you accomplish both at once!).

To me, setting goals is a positive thing. It's about assessing your life and where you need or want improvement, and coming up with small, manageable, actionable steps you can take day by day to achieve those goals. It's not about restriction; it's about making positive changes for a better life and a happier you.

So, what are your goals for 2017? Here are some of mine:

To eat more healthfully

To move more

To complete more of my reading list

To spend less time on the computer (not easy for a writer/editor/blogger!)

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's make it a great year!

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