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A must-read for football fans!

Belichick and Brady: Two Men, The Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football

By Michael Holley

Belichick and Brady

Before I start, let it be know that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Packers fan. This is by no means a hint towards who I want to win the Super Bowl or any sort of secret prediction! :)

You either love them, or see them as the evil empire of the NFL. Since that fateful day in the 2001 season when Brady stepped in for the injured Drew Bledsoe, Brady and Belichick have been dominating the NFL.

Belichick and Brady goes behind the Super Bowls, the stats, the rumors, and the deflated footballs and discusses the drive behind both player and coach and what has propelled them to become arguably the best coach and quarterback match-up in NFL history. This is a fascinating read that really helps the reader understand each of them as individuals, and the commonalities between them, as well as the ability to motivate the New England Patriots team as a whole. From Belichick’s humble beginning as a head coach in Cleveland, to Brady’s auspicious beginning as a perennial backup quarterback in college and in the pros and his motivation to prove all those who passed on him wrong. This book is more than just a story of a football player and coach, or a two friends deep mutual respect and trust. It is a story about how the right attitude can breed success, even through some dark times (such as Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial).

Belichick and Brady is a fantastic read for even the most casual of football fan, a must for all Patriot fans, and for those who distrust/envy the evil empire of the NFL. Because after all, it is important to study your enemy!

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