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BOOK REVIEW: "The Lost Woman," by Sara Blaedel

At the start of this stirring book, a housewife in English is killed through her kitchen window, shot by an unseen assailant, a crime we witness through the eyes of the killer. The story takes an unusual turn when it is uncovered that the murdered woman is a Danish citizen, Not only that, she has been on the missing persons list for nearly twenty years.

Enter Louise Rick, the ihead off the Special Search Agency in charge of missing persons cases. called in to handle the case, and along with her, an unexpected twist: Sofie Parker was reported missing by Eik, who is not only Louise's colleague on the police force but also her boyfriend.

Upon hearing of Sofie's murder, Eik rushes to Engliand to investigate -- without telling Louise. Upon his arrival, he is arrested and thrown in jail, himself a suspect. Louise learns of Eik's connection to the case and is utterly dumbfounded. Does she really know the person she has been living and working with? She doesn't have the luxury of worrying about that just yet, however, as there is a case to solve.

This book is more than just a typical crime novel. It crackles with Blaedel's fresh voice and her ability to concoct a story that intricately weaves together a crime that will keep the reader guessing with characters that leap from the page.

The Lost Woman follows on the heels of the phenomenally successful The Forgotten Girls and The Killing Forest, the first two books featuring Louise Rick.

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