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What we'll be reading this Easter weekend

I never miss an opportunity to bust out new books around here, and Easter is pretty big around the bunny house (as you can imagine) so we are always on the lookout for new books to celebrate all that Easter-y goodness.

Raincoast Book

Easter Surprise, by Roger Priddy

Easter Surprise by Roger Priddy

This adorable board book tells a delightful story of how when we give to others, we get kindness in return -- even if you're the Easter Bunny! The shiny die cut egg cutouts on every page are sure to delight young readers as they explore this book. Thoughtfully constructed with little hands and imaginations in mind, this book combines a lovely message with clever design and charming illustrations.

C's review:

"I think this book would be good for little kids, but even up to 10 years old. I like the sparkly egg on the last page. I like the art in the book."

The Littlest Bunny in Canada, by LIly Jacobs, Illustrated by Robert Dunn

Littlest Bunny in Canada

This charming Easter book is the tale of two siblings, May and Joe, who go to the pet store and bring home a new friend -- a bunny! What they don't know is that their new friend has a secret: He's the Easter Bunny!

While the children slept, the bunny set to work on his very important task: To deliver Easter treats to kids Canada! As he travels across the country, he stops in famous locations. He hits a home run at Rogers Centre, (quietly) hides eggs in the Vancouver Public Library, and more:

"He flew to the east, to the south,

west, and north,

He crisscrossed the country; he raced

back and forth. "

This fun, rhyming book is perfectly suited to read-aloud time with little ones, and for young independent readers, too. I love the Canadian content! And the fun Easter egg hunt on the last page adds another layer of interactive fun to the reading experience.

Here's what my 9-year-old had to say about the book:

"I like this book. It's funny. I like how the bunny goes to different places in Canada. The bunny is so CUTE!!! I really like the pictures in it. "

How to Catch the Easter Bunny, by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

Have you ever tried to catch the Easter Bunny? This fun and hilarious book from the duo that brought you How to Catch a Leprechaun is sure to be an Easter Tradition in your house. I know it will be in ours!

C's review:

"I like it alot! It's so cute! I like the pink bunny trap that they made. I love the art in the book! The story is so funny!"

Fly, by Xavier Deneux

Fly by Xavier Deneux

Innovative concept, young pre-readers learn bout the natural cycle of a bird's life as it alights on a tree, finds a companion, builds a nest, and soon welcomes the arrival of a new little one. As parent and child explore the book together, they can take out the removable pieces (a bird, parts of a nest, etc.) and move them to the corresponding spot on the facing page. This characteristic element of all of the books in the TouchThinkLearn series offers another dimension of learning and exploration, even in very young readers who may not yet understand the simple story.

C's review:.

"I like this book a lot. It is so cute. The pictures are really nice. I like how you can take the birds out and move them. "

Whether you have very young kids in your home or primary-grade readers, I think all of these books would be a delightful addition to your family's collection of Easter books. Thank you very much to Raincoast Books who generously sent us these books to review.

All opinions are mine and those of my 9-year-old book-loving daughter.

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