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26 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I love tags, and this one seemed right up my alley! The idea is that you post 26 things that people probably don't know about you, one for each letter of the alphabet. Sounds like fun, right? Here we go! 26 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me! Thank you to Jo over at Pickle & Poppet for the tag!

A is for Artistic

I have always loved artistic endeavours. From drawing and painting to scrapbooking, music, and even journalling, I have always loved being creative.

B is for Bunny

As you can tell from my blog name, bunnies are big around here. Not real ones, though. My family consists of me, my husband, our daughter, and a stuffed bunny named Izzy. Izzy is C's best friend, her lifelong companion, the knower of her secrets and, without a doubt, as real a member of our family as any of the rest of us.

C is for Canadiens

I am a huuuuuuuuuuuge (did you just read that in your best Donald Trump voice?) fan of the Montreal Canadiens. I'm pretty sure if you were to cut me open, I'd bleed bleu, blanc, et rouge.

D is for Dad

I lost my dad when I was 30 years old, 16 days after giving birth to my daughter, his only grandchild. I miss him every day.

E is for Elephants!

I love all things elephants. If I see a piece of jewellery or a bag with an elephant on it, I have to have it. Also, I rode an elephant in Florida once.

F is for French Fries

In my view, the world's most perfect food is the french fry. If I had to live on one food for the rest of my life, it would be these.

G is for Generations

I was raised in a multi-generational household. Currently, there are four generations of my immediate family still around.

H is for Hockey

Hockey is big in our house. As already stated, I am a huge Canadians fan, as is my daughter. Hubby is a Bruins fan (but we don't like to discuss that).

I is for Introvert

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that i am a huge introvert. I find socializing exhausting, but not as exhausting as having to explain to people that no, I'm not mad or upset or sick, I just don't always feel like being around big groups of people. I need time alone to recharge my batteries.

J is for Jell-O

I absolutely hate, hate, hate Jell-O.

K is for Kitchen

Cooking is one of my passions. When i"m not working, I'm probably cooking. My husband likes to cook too, and our daughter has caught the bug as well. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home.

L is for London

We live outside of London, Ontario. I am constantly explaining that we are Canadian and not from THAT London :) (PS: I secretly pine to visit THAT London very badly. Please, someone send me a plane ticket??)

M is for Motherhood

I'l be honest. Growing up, I wasn't the girl who always knew she would be a mother. I knew I'd probably get married and have a career, but I never really pictured myself as a mother. And then I met my husband and everything changed. I could instantly see us having a family. And although the road to motherhood was by no means an easy one, it has been the biggest joy of my life. She is my light, my reason for being. She is my sunshine. M is also for miracle, of which she most definitely is one.

N is for Neurotic

Yep, I'm a Type-A personality. I thrive on details, I can't function without a plan (and I'm easily derailed when those plans go sideways), and I'm always on time. You could definitely say I'm neurotic.

O is for Orange

Orange is one of my favourite colours! I love to wear orange (I am wearing an orange t-shirt as I type this). It makes me feel happy!

P is for Perfectionist

True to my Type-A form, I'm a perfectionist. If I'm going to do something, I want to do it right. Comes in handy with my job (aside from blogging, my alter ego is a freelance writer/editor) but it does get in the way of just "getting things done" sometimes.

Q is for Quiz Shows

I love quiz shows (or game shows -- whatever you want to call them). Hubby and I watch Jeopardy! together every day and I watch several others, too. One tradition I have with C is to watch Let's Make a Deal after school.

R is for Restaurants

Whether it's the local greasy-spoon diner or a fancy-schmancy affair, if the place is clean and the food is good, I'm in. I love restaurants!

S is for Spina Bifida

I was born with this neural tube defect. I use a wheelchair for long distances, but walk most of the time with the help of AFOs (ankle and foot orthotics).

T is for Tomatoes

I love cooked tomatoes, but don't care for them raw.

U is for Umbrellas

I have no idea why, but I love the image of an umbrella. Whether it's on a piece of scrapbook paper, in a piece of art or on a t-shirt, I'm drawn to umbrellas. come to think of it, it poured rain on our wedding day, and our photographer incorporated umbrellas into the photos in lots of fun ways. Maybe there's a subliminal emotional connection to that day.

V is for ... Victory? Just kidding. V is for Violin

I learned to play the violin when I was 8. My husband gave me my very first one (I had rented all the others) for a wedding present.

W is for Water

I drink more water than probably anyone else I know. I drink at least 128oz most days. I virtually never drink pop.

X is for X-Ray (because really, what else could it be for, xylophone?)

In October of 2015, I took a bad fall and broke my femur. The docs didn't believe it was actually broken (based on what I told them I had done) until they looked at the x-ray, at which time the emergency-room doctor came in and said, "Uh, yep! It's definitely (badly) broken!" No kidding, genius. I told you that three hours ago!

Y is for Yellow

Yellow is the colour of the blankie I carried around with me when I was a kid, until I was much older than I care to admit. I still have a piece of it.

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz

You know that meme that's going around that says "I don't want to sleep like a baby. I just want to sleep like my husband"?? That's totally me. I don't sleep well. I find it hard to shut my thoughts off at night, and I often suffer from insomnia.

Thanks for the tag, Jo! I'm going to do something a little different with my tags. I'm going to tag three YouTubers! Ladies, I thought it would be fun for you to do this tag in video format if you're up for it! LInk me to your videos if you do!

I'd like to tag:

Shelly at Shelly's Home LIfe

Kimmy at She's in Her Apron

Juli at Living Large on Lifetime


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