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Another great summer read!

I know my posts have been very book-centric lately, but this has been an awesome summer for reading so far! I've read so many great books and I'm very excited to share them all with you!

In today's installment, we're going to talk about the latest release from author Kathy Reichs, Two Nights.

You won't find Reichs' iconic heroine Temperance Brennan at the center of this stand-alone thriller. What you will find is a new heroine, Sunday Night (aka "Sunnie").

Sunday can best be described in one word: bad-ass. She doesn't pull any punches, speaks her mind, and burns through life with a no-holds-barred fierceness that makes her absolutely compellingly readable. But what's under that tough-as-nails exterior?

Sunday is running from her own past, trying to cover up scars not quite healed and striving to numb the pain of her past. Then one day she is hired to find a missing girl, lost in a bomb explosion in which several of her family members were killed.

Is the little girl alive? Is she being held somewhere? Does she even want to be found?

As the case unfolds, Sunday finds out that her own personal demons may just be the key to unlocking what really happened on that tragic day and the current fate of that little girl who got away...

... or did she?

If you love thrillers that combine dynamic characters expertly brought to life and a plot that throws you in the back of a speeding van and takes you along for a ride, never stopping to let you off until the final, unexpected destination is reached, give this book a try. Fans of Reichs' other books will love this one, and if you've never read a Reichs book before (why haven't you?) Two Nights is a good place to start.

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