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Two funny reads for your holiday gift list!

I've got a confession: I've never been a fan of comic strips. I know, it verges on blasphemy, but it's true. I just didn't find them funny when I was younger and everyone I knew was reading them. Fast-forward to my (ahem) 40s and I still told myself I would never be a fan of comic strips.

That is, until these two books landed in my mailbox for review.

The Awkward Yeti Presents Heart and Brain Body Language is smart humour at it's best. The basic premise of these New York Times bestselling books (this is the third collection) is that the characters are internal organs. There's the serious and rational Brain, the impulsive and free-spirited Heart, and a cast of other characters such as Gallbladder, Muscle, etc. The characters depict the internal struggles many of us have over everyday things such as trying to eat healthy (Brain: "We made it! Day two of healthy eating!" Heart: "I would donate you to medical school for a a single donut.") Or one of my personal favourites, a cartoon of Tongue, begging on the street holding a sign that says, "On Diet. Need Pizza." Funny, right? If you're looking for a book that is a laugh-out-loud funny, witty, and smart slice of everyday life, you simply MUST buy this book. In fact, the holidays are coming up, so why not buy one for everyone you know? They'll thank you later.

Nick Seluk (the talent behind The Awkward Yeti) if you're reading this, I want to be you when I grow up.

Big Mushy Happy Lump, by Sarah Andersen is another funny slice-of-life book. In this book from the Sarah's Scribbles collection, the author highlights issues that will appeal mostly to women, in my opinion, such as why "other girls" look good in a messy bun while "I" look like I have a greasy onion on my head (that one made me snort-laugh. For real.) If you're old enough to have read and related to the "Cathy" cartoons, you'll have a general idea of the vibe of this collection. Sarah Andersen's take has a bit more of a sarcastic bite, perfect for the modern young woman who is trying to navigate the rough waters of work, dating, dieting, and everyday life. This is the kind of funny stuff you'll be dying to share with your girlfriends, who unquestionably will respond with cries of, "That's so true!"

If you're looking for a book that is laugh-out-loud funny while taking a real-life slice of life, both of these are great choices. They would also make great gifts for the people on your holiday gift-giving list, too.

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