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Give a teacher a laugh!

Teachers work hard. Really hard. Aside from their actual jobs as teachers, they also have to play a variety of other roles for their students: referee, peacekeeper, counsellor, and so many more. This holiday season, the teachers in your life don't need another #1 Teacher coffee mug. What they really need is a good laugh! Unless you happen to be a stand-up comedian and are willing to perform in front of you child's class, you're probably going to want to find another way to make your child's teacher laugh.

This little book, Teachers: There is No Such Thing as As a Hot Coffee & Other Teacher Truths by Bored Teachers is at once a very funny read and the kind of thing that will make teachers everywhere shout cries of "That's so true!" It's chock-full of laugh-out-loud humour about all things related to being a teacher, like "If teachers had thought bubbles over their heads during staff meetings" and a rendition of "These are a Few of My Least-Favourite Things."

If you need a gift for your child's teacher this holiday season, this book is the perfect little gem! Give it on its own, or pair it with a box of tea, some gourmet hot chocolate, or coffee and maybe a sweet treat and your child's teacher will be able to enjoy the gift of me-time, something of which every teacher surely deserves for all they do for our children.

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