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Count down the days until Santa arrives!

The anticipation of that fateful night when Santa rides again can be very exciting for kids, to say the least. It's hard for them to really understand how long they'll have to wait, but thanks to the new book by Portable North Pole, Twenty-four Sleeps Until Santa: A Christmas Countdown, counting down the days will be a little easier -- and more fun -- for your little ones.

In this lovely picture book, children will read (or you can read to them, if they are pre-readers) one page per day, starting on December 1. On each page, there's a little verse and a countdown (24 sleeps, 23 sleeps, etc.) but what makes this book really special is that on each page the child is charged with the task of helping Santa find the hidden key on the page. At the end of the book, on the 24th night (Christmas Eve) Santa heads out, keys in hand, to visit all of the good girls and boys around the world!

As an added bonus, when you purchase Twenty-four Sleeps until Santa you'll also receive a Portable North Pole code for a personalized video from Santa himself!

This book is a lovely way to spend time together this December, counting down the days until the Big Man arrives. It just might become a family tradition.

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