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It's a wild (Smithsonian) world

I'm a big believer in providing our kids with books that spark the imagination and healthy curiosity. And after our trip this summer to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C,, I firmly believe that few institutions in the world spark curiosity and learning than the Smithsonian. And that high standards comes through in their books, too.

DK Canada generously sent us two books in their "Smithsonian" series: Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide and Wildlife of the World. These hefty tomes (each comes in at more than 500 pages!) are absolutely full to the brim with the kind of amazing photos, facts, and information you'd expect from the Smithsonian.

In Animal: The Definitive Guide, readers will find a huge amount of information about the animal world (there's a reason this is called the definitive guide, after all) from the mammals to reptiles, birda to invertebrates. Within each category is a section on virtually every animal one could imagine, from common to more obscure. Readers can learn about the animals' habitats, their anatomy, and so much more.

Wild LIfe of the World is similar, exploring the wildlife of the different regions around the world.

Both books are extremely well researched, and the photography is absolutely stunning (I mean really, check out the covers! They are just the tip of the iceberg). And both would make an awesome resource for any family with school-age children. There's something to be said about teaching children how to research things with an actual book -- I know, it's blasphemy -- and these books are a great addition to your family's bookshelf, or as a gift for a family with school-age children.

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