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The cutest holiday treats EVER

If you live near St. Thomas, Ontario, you might want to start warming up your car. Because what I'm about to show you is going to make you want to get in it and immediately head to Chick Boss Cake. TRUST ME.

I'm a huge sucker for anything Christmassy and cute. And if that thing happens to include a snowman, forget it -- I'm sold. That's why I was over the moon when I had the chance to taste test a few treats from Chick Boss Cake, a local bakery. Check out the cuteness:

I mean.....can you STAND how cute those are? It's like holiday cheer in a box. Just looking at this box of festive donuts makes me happy. But the BEST part? How yummy they are. With flavours like Gingerbread S'mores, Snowy Coconut (look at that FACE!), Eggnog, Chocolate Candy Cane, and Sugar Cookie Dough, there's something here for everyone.

Note: At Chick Boss Cake, they sell boxes of donuts in predetermined flavour combinations. The flavour selections change frequently, but every box sold on any particular day will have the same combination of flavours. Not to worry, though. Their flavours are fun, funky, and delicious! Let's explore this matter further, shall we?

I had the Gingerbread S'mores donut, which consisted of a yeast donut topped with a snowy swirl of marshmallow cream, lightly toasted, and a super-delicious gingerbread cookie. YUM. I love all things gingerbread, and this donut was absolute gingery heaven. Oh, and if you're a fan of eating raw cookie dough, the Sugar Cookie Dough one is for you. Yummy. Between the three of us, we sampled each flavour in the box, and we each had a favourite. Mine was the gingerbread one, hubby loved the Snowy Coconut, and our 10-year-old's favourite was the Eggnog. (She also was head-over-heels for the sample of eggnog bark they were giving out that day. Yep, our girl loves eggnog.)

So...what's a delicious donut without something equally, if not more, delicious to wash it down? Chick Boss Cake delivers in that department, too -- in a big way.

I present to you.....

Jack's Back For Christmas (Candy Cane Cookies & Cream)

Rudolph Ate The Box Of Turtles (Turtle)

Peppermint Grinch (Chocolate Mint)

I chose the Rudolph one (as I am not a fan of mint). This was sweet, creamy, with a chocolate-caramel flavour that is just like those famous chocolates that are so popular this time of year. DE-FREAKIN-LICIOUS.

Reviews of the other two went a little something like this:

From 10-year-old, who had the Grinch one: "Mmmmm!!!! This is SO GOOD. It tastes just like chocolate mint! Can we get this again sometime?"

From hubby, who had the Jack one: "Tastes like a minty Oreo! Creamy and not too thick -- you don't have to pop your eyeballs out trying to suck it through the straw!"

We all loved the artistry that made these shakes as cute and festive as they were, from the marshmallow ears on Rudolph to Jack's icing hat.

These snacks were a fun and festive treat to enjoy while we watched Home Alone, a family Christmas tradition. Perhaps thes Chick Boss Cake treats will be a part of the tradition moving forward!

If you live in Elgin County or anywhere nearby, it's definitely worth the drive to Chick Boss Cake. They are located at 381 Talbot St, St. Thomas, Ontario. They are open Tues-Fri: 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-3pm Sun-Mon: Closed

Check them out at www.chickbosscake.com

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