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NO BOYS ALLOWED! Holiday parties that are just for the girls

Between visits to Santa, watching animated Christmas movies, and creating Christmas magic for our kids, it can be easy to forget to have a little adults-only fun, over the holidays, too. This year, make some time to get together with your other mom friends for some big-girls-only fun!

Let the friends-tivities begin!

There's a girlfriends' party idea for every group, no matter what your friends like to do when you get together. Here, we'll talk about a few ideas, but let your imagination run wild!

1. Movie Night!

If your girls love movies, a holiday movie night is a perfect way to have some low-key fun on a girls' night in. Tell your girlfriends to come over in their coziest PJs, throw on a movie, and make some snacks (don't forget the adult beverages!) and you've got the makings of a great night!

Movie suggestions:

  • Love, Actually

  • The Holiday (my absolute favourite "me" movie. I always make time to watch this one!)

  • Serendipity

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  • Four Christmasses

  • Elf

... or whatever other holiday-inspired movie you want!

And don't forget the adult beverages!

2. Game Night

Do your girlfriends love games? Why not host a girls' game night? Mix up the games by going simple and old-school with Pictionary and charades (you can even make up your own holiday-themed clues).

Or download Ellen DeGeneres' app, "Heads Up," onto your phone for a fun twist on charades that doesn't require any extra supplies.

If board games are more your thing, there are a ton of options out there for adults-only fun. These games are perfectly suited for the over-18 set. Make some munchies, hit the wine store, and get your game on! You can even have a prize for the winner person/team to keep things interesting. A little healthy competition never hurts, right? There are many games that are perfect for a girls' night in, ranging from a little on the tamer side to those that are anything but! Here's one of my faves:

What? Girls Night Edition


This game is absolutely perfect for a girls' night in! In this game, there are three types of questions that can be asked:

  • A general question (perfect for starting off the game and breaking the ice!)

  • A fill-in-the-blank question, where you can fill in the name of a celebrity or of someone at the party! Example: "What is the funniest thing _____ has ever said?" (Reader fills in the name of someone as they are reading the question)

  • A "sticky situation" card. Example: "You're accidentally mistaken for someone else by a super-hot guy. What do you do?"

Once everyone has written down their answers, the questioner reads all the answers aloud (which is always easy when you're snort-laughing and trying not to spray wine all over the place!) and chooses her favourite answer. Then the play moves around the table and each player guesses aloud who they think was the author of that answer. Everyone who guesses the author correctly receives one point for the round, and even if no one guesses correctly, the true author receives 3 points. Play then moves to the next questioner until 15 rounds have been played. The player with the most points, wins!

It doesn't take long for the answers to these questions to get silly and fun -- and even a little (or a lot) racy! In this game, honesty is not necessarily the best policy! Remember, the goal is to NOT let people know what you answered, so try to throw the guessers off your scent by answering something completely out of character!

3. Spa Night

How many moms do you know that couldn't use a night of pampering and relaxation? Instead of going out to a spendy spa (because who has extra spending money at this time of year?) get together at your house (pyjamas mandatory) and have an at-home spa night! Mix up some at-home spa treatments (this book is a great resource) and have some good, old-fashioned pamper time.

Don't forget the snacks! Thiis isn't the time for finger sandwiches and cucumber water. This spa day is about have fun and unwinding with your girlfriends. Calories don't count on days like this! Order a pizza and grab some of your favourite sweet treats to share while you pamper yourselves.

If you want to give your friends a take-home gift after your spa day that is in keeping with the holiday season, consider filling a clear plastic christmas ornament with bath salts. You can even customize the ornament with your friends' names!

These are just a few ideas for getting together with your girlfriends over the holiday season. The activities don't matter as much as spending quality time with your friends, having a few laughs, sharing a few drinks and some good food, and making memories. There's nothing like an evening with friends to remind us of who we are outside of our roles as moms, wives, business owners, etc.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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