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Need suggestions for those bookstore gift cards?

If you're like me, you love to receive bookstore gift cards, and you probably get some every Christmas. Then comes the struggle to decide what to buy. With so many great new releases, it can be daunting to try to decide what to buy. Sound familiar? Not to worry! I'm here to help. I've got a great list of suggestions for you!

Heather, the Totality by Matthew Weiner

From the creator of the award-winning television series Mad Men comes this amazing debut novel about how the one percent lives, and how things aren't always what they seem to be.

Mark and Karen Breakstone have it all, including their exceptional daughter, Heather. But when the owners of the penthouse above them start renovations, a questionable stranger threatens to turn the Breakstone's idyllic privileged life on its head.

This may be a slim book compared to the others on this list, but it doesn't pack any less of a punch. Not a word is wasted in the creation of this chilling look at the economic chasm and how the other half lives. It's the kind of book you'll devour in one thoroughly enjoyable sitting.

Three Strikes, by Kate Kessler

In this latest installment in the thriller series by Kate Kessler, criminal psychologist Audrey Harte draws from her own peppered past in her current role, helping to catch some of the most notorious killers out there.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Harte is feeling thankful for lots of things. Her mother is on the mend from surgery, she is a solid relationship, her father seems to have stayed on the wagon lately, and her career is blossoming. But when an 18-year-old girl shows up at Audrey's mother's house claiming to be the daughter she gave up for adoption, Audrey's life gets turned on its head. Audrey sets out to help the girl discover her past, but people in their little town aren't quite so keen to dredge up the past. Soon, it becomes abundantly clear to Audrey that you never truly know someone until their deepest, darkest secrets start to bubble up to the surface.

Two Kinds of Truth, by Michael Connelly

New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly hits it out of the park again with this Harry Bosch thriller. In Two Kinds of Truth, Bosch is lending his services to the San Fernando Police Department, working cold cases, when he's called out to investigate the murder of a local pharmacist. As the investigation unfolds, the case leads the team into the dangerous underground world of the prescription black market.

At the same time, an old case from back in Bosch's days on the LAPD comes back into focus. A killer slings accusations from behind bars, claiming that Bosch framed him -- and that he can prove it. Without the support of his former colleagues (who were left with a bad taste in their mouths after Bosch left the squad on bad terms) Bosch has to fight his battle on his own.

Perfect for existing fans of Connelly's books and those who are looking to discover a new author to love, one who writes tense, taut, and fast-moving plots with characters you care about -- and a few you love to hate.

The Take, by Christopher Reich (coming soon - January 16!)

Buckle up, readers! This book is going to take you on one heck of a thrilling ride!

Freelance industrial spy Simon Riske lives a quiet life above his auto garage in the middle of London, performing side jobs for insurance companies, banks, and even the British Secret Service. He has managed to stay out of the messy jobs pretty effectively -- until now, that is.

A mover and shaker in the mob, Tino Coluzzi, has pulled off "the greatest street heist in the history of Paris," having relieved a Saudi prince of millions of dollars in cash. The cash, however, isn't th least of the issue. Hidden within a stolen briefcase is a letter that could have massive implications for the Western world. People have already been killed in an attempt to retrieve the letter, and the CIA needs Riske's help to turn things around.

Why Riske? He and Coluzzi have a past, a past that ended up with Riske behind bars, having just escaped a hit ordered by Coluzzi. Years later, These two thieves find themselves adversaries, running from the French police, a mysterious Russian woman, and maybe even the CIA itself.

If you love books like The Bourne Identity, you'll love The Take by Christopher Reich. There's action, adventure, intrigue, a fast-moving pace, dynamic characters and a plot that won't quit. What more could you want from a book that's perfect for keeping you warm on these long, cold, snowy winter days?

Expelled, by James Patterson

Acclaimed author of the enormously popular Alex Cross books brings his talent to the Young Adult genre in Expelled, a story about the power of social media to quickly turn a young person's life on its head.

One of the best -- and worst -- things about Twitter is its anonymity. People can hide behind the digital curtain, allowing them to say and do things they wouldn't normally do, and no one truly knows who they are. That was Theo Foster's reality until one act changes everything. Theo is the editor of the school newspaper and one day he is accused of posting a compromising photo of one of the school's football players, Parker.

Determined to clear his name, Theo sets out to find the truth. Along the way, he joins forces with a motley crew of fellow expellees, Jude (the school mascot), Sasha (Theo's longtime, from-a-distance crush) and Parker (the football player in question) each one struggling with his or her own demons that go far beyond the school walls.

This book is The Breakfast Club for a new generation, the story the inner lives of a group of unlikely friends who band together with a common goal: To prove they were expelled unjustly. Recommended for readers ages 15 and older, this book will appeal to fans of John Green books such as Paper Towns. with its unapologetic look at the lives, thoughts, and motivations of today's teens. Side note: I'm not a teen (nor have I been for a shockingly long time) but I think this book has a lot to offer adult readers, too!

The People vs. Alex Cross, by James Patterson

James Patterson's most beloved character, Alex Cross, is back in this latest installment by the bestselling author. In this book, Cross, a dyed-in-the-wool good guy finds himself in the crossfire when he is charged with shooting followers of his longtime nemesis, Gary Soneji. DId he pull the trigger? Yes. Was it self defense? Yes. Will a jury see it that way?

Only time will tell.

The trial of the century is underway as the whole country turns its attention to the proceedings. Even those in Cross' inner circle doubt his innocence, and if he can't convince his own family that his actions were justified, how can he hope to be convincing to a jury?

Running parallel with another plotline that has Cross (despite being suspended from the department) helping an old friend to stop a dangerous criminal, The People vs. Alex Cross doesn't disappoint. If you're a fan of Patterson's Cross series, this newest book is an absolute must-read. It has all of the ingredients that have always combined to make Patterson's books so enormously popular.

There you have it: A list of a few new (and one upcoming) releases that will keep you warm and cozy as Old Man Winter continues to rear his ugly head. Whichever of these compelling, expertly crafted books you choose, you are guaranteed of a memorable read.

All of these books were sent to me from the publishers for the purposes of review. All opinions are mine.

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