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A little bit of Disney magic right here in London

Any time I can find an excuse to belt out Disney music, I am totally in. So, I was thrilled when I was offered tickets to review the new Disney On Ice show, DREAM BIG, on ice at Budweiser Gardens this month.

The theme of the show this time centered around princesses and heroes, and featured all of the usual suspects: Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and all of their partner "heroes." There's even a villain or two thrown in, just for good measure!

In true Disney form, the show was a feast for the eyes, starting with the costumes and the set. The innovative set design transformed from the site of the ball where Cinderella meets her prince to Elsa's icy abode. Travel to frozen Arendelle with Elsa, Anna and Olaf, dive "Under the Sea" with Ariel, and travel "way down to New Orleans" with Tiana.

There are fireworks (yes, fireworks!) and a whole host of other visual effects designed to dazzle audiences and bring a touch of that unmistakable Disney magic to the proceedings. At one point, the ice surface is covered in a veritable blanket of projected snowflakes, a seemingly simple effect that offers another layer of texture and interest to the skating performances happening on the ice.

Which brings me to the performers themselves. From the first moment the the last, these talented skaters brought to life these beloved Disney characters beautifully. Their athleticism was matched only by their ability to embody the characters.

If you're you're looking for a family-friendly activity this month that's sprinkled with just the right amount of pixie dust, Disney On Ice DREAM BIG is the answer. It's perfect for kids of all ages (even those who, like me, are big kids at heart) and the entire family will come away from the experience with a song in their hearts and a spring in their step.

And it all started with a Mouse!

On a personal note, I'm happy to report that my 10-year-old didn't roll her eyes ONCE at me, despite my unabashed off-key singing all through the show. I'd call that a parenting win.)

The End!

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