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The value of snail mail

We live in an age where we can communicate virtually instantly in so many ways. FaceTime, Facebook, instant messaging, texting, email -- these are all ways to communicate with the people in our lives, whether they are in the other room or around the globe. But there's something to be said about getting back to basics when it comes to communicating, and teaching our children to do the same. What I'm talking about specifically is teaching kids the value in writing handwritten letters, cards, and thank you notes to their loved ones.

Most of the mail we find in our mailboxes these days consists of junk mail, flyers, coupons and bills. That's no fun! Why not teach our children the value of brightening someone's day by taking the time to craft a handwritten note?

OOLY's "On-The-Go Stationery Kit" offers the perfect travel-friendly way to get kids writing this summer!

Even very young children who are just learning to write their names can create a meaningful piece of snail mail for a loved one. It's not about creating a long-winded, beautifully written note that rivals the sonnets of Shakespeare. It's simply about the act of taking the time to write a few heartfelt words to express their feelings, to say hello, to thank a loved one for a gift, or simply to let someone know they are thinking about them. If your child is too young to write a short note, he or she can draw a picture! It's not about the content; it's about the meaning behind taking the time to put pen (or crayon!) to paper to make someone's day.

Summer is the perfect time to teach kids about the value of snail mail. Whether they write letters to Grandma, send out thank-you notes for gifts they receive, send postcards from their summertime travels, or start a relationship with a pen pal, teaching them to put pen to paper teaches kids to slow down, turn off the screens, and express gratitude -- all while (secretly) improving their spelling, writing, and motor skills!)

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