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Travelling with food allergies

We all know that food allergies are a concern when it comes to school. (Where I live, at least, school lunches must be peanut free). But what about during the summer? Travelling with family members (especially kids) during the summer poses it's own set of problems. Road trips especially can be a challenge, because it's not always easy to find delicious, packable, kid-friendly snacks for the kiddos, and all parents know that not having snacks at the ready when hunger strikes on a road trip can be disastrous, right?

FreeYumm Foods has that all sorted out.

They offer a line of snack foods that are free of the 8 most common allergens: dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, soy, fish, and shellfish, making them perfect for packing in school lunches, of course, but also for road trips and other summer travel.

FreeYumm generously sent us three of their products to sample: Banana Maple Cookies, Blueberry Oat Bars, and Honey Apple Oat Bars. Full disclosure: I was prepared not to like these. Don't ask me why, but I guess I often have a preconceived notion that things that are "lacking" in some way (sugar-free products, low-calorie products, for example) aren't going to be any good. Let me say it here, loud and proud: I was wrong. These little treats may be lacking in 8 common allergens, but they are lacking nothing in terms of flavour, portability, and convenience for those road trips with family members who have food allergies.

These little treats are the perfect size for a quick bite for kids, but they are big enough to offer a "just-enough" sized snack for adults, too. They are soft and tender, and full of delicious flavour. The blueberry bars were bursting with natural blueberry flavour -- not like some other bars, where the flavour tastes decidedly artificial. These did not last long in our house, and they won't last long in yours!

If you're hitting the road for some last-minute travel before school starts, or planning a fall getaway with the family, these are a must-have snack if someone in your family has food allergies. The whole family can enjoy these, allergies or not!

BONUS: Now that school is around the corner for many families, these little bits of yumminess also make perfect treats to tuck into a lunchbox! I recommend keeping a box or two of these in your car during the school year, for those busy evenings when there isn't much time between the school bell and extracurricular activities!

(Check out their full product line here).

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