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Pearls of wisdom from a galaxy far, far away

I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of all things Star Wars is quite limited (despite living in a house with two big SW fans). However, I recently discovered two books to review that are perfect holiday gifts for anyone who could use a little sage advice, whether or not they are a fan of Darth, Yoda, and friends.

Be More Yoda: Mindful thinking from a Galaxy Far Far Away packs a lot of useful life lessons into a pocket-sized, portable book. Each page features a life lesson that we can learn from that very wise little green teacher, such as as "Celebrate the Power of Play":

If you're feeling run-down by responsibilities, it can be hard to find balance. Try adding some fun to your day: fire up that online video, or take a ride in a trainee's backpack. When you're a kid, playing isn't just fun, it helps you learn new things, develop new skills, and get active. Jedi can have fun too -- just try to resist bopping a droid on the head when he tries to get his lamp back from you.

On the facing page, there is a picture and a quote from Star Wars that relates to each life lesson, such as "Truly wonderufl, the mind of a child is. --- Yoda."

But what if you lean more toward the Dark Side -- or would like to? There's something to be said about going through life with confidence and a measure of boldness -- just like Darth Vader. Be More Vader: Assertive Thinking from the Dark Side offers a wealth of useful tidbits and lessons that will help you live your boldest, most fearless life yet, such as "Refine your negotiation skills":

You don't need to rely on Jedi mind tricks to become a dealmaker extraordinaire: focus your discussions on what both parties will gain in any negotiation. You may be coercing a local politician to carbon-freeze their best friend, but remind them how they'll win their city's autonomy in return. If they moan about the deal getting progressively worse as you increase your demands, bring in the muscle: stormtroopers are the best closers.

Both of these books would make awesome holiday gifts for a variety of people:

  • Young people in high school or college who could use a little Mother's (or Father's) wisdom (disguised as coming from their favourite on-screen characters, because as we all know, mothers know nothing in the eys of their children). They would be perfect tucked into a college care package!

  • Your Star Wars-loving husband or wife

  • Your boss (or your assistant!)

  • Your friends

  • Your siblings

  • Your office Secret Santa

These books are small enough to add to a stocking, but are meaningful and substantive enough to stand on their own as a thoughtful gift that offers encouragement and a kick in the you-know-what for anyone who needs it. Even if you aren't particularly in the know when it comes to Star Wars (like me) there are lots of little nuggets to glean from both of these books. Given together or individually, these books are sure to help someone be Jedi Master or Sith Lord the they've always dreamed of being.

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