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Gifts for people with big brains

We all have those friends and family members who seem to have a bigger brain that the rest of us. People who love puzzles, riddles, and random facts. I know this because I am one of those people. If you have someone like that on your gift list, whether they are young or not-so-young, I have some awesome gift suggestions for you!

For the kiddos:

Maze Quest is a super-fun book that challenges young readers to "collect precious gems, evade mysterious monks, burst through walls with the Bronze First of Punching, navigate the Sea of Sickness, and reunite five pieces of a stolen, mystical sword -- ALL BY SOLVING PUZZLES!"

This innovative book will appeal to kids who love to read, but also to those who love puzzles and mazes. It's the perfect synergy of both! If you're travelling over the holidays, put this book under the tree with a pack of sharpened pencils and keep the kiddos busy in the car -- screen free!

Great for: Kids age 6 and up.

For the grown ups:

What the Fact?! is the perfect gift for those who love trivia. I personally have a head full of useless knowledge, and I love it! This book gives a strange-but-true trivia fact, story, or anecdote for every day of the year. Great fodder for your morning Twitter post, and a fantastic conversation starter for the dinner table.

A great gift for: Trivia buffs, your child's teacher, your hard-to-buy-for uncle, office Secret Santa, or anyone who loves trivia!

The Official Sherlock Puzzle Book challenges readers to determine whether

they are as smart as that most famous fictional sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Step into the world of 221B Baker Street to try your hand at solving 165 codes, logic problems, enigmas, puzzles, and more in this book. You'll even find quizzes that will test your knowledge of the BBC Series Sherlock. Are you up to the challenge? Do you know someone who would love to receive this book for Christmas?

A great gift for: Fans of the BBC Sherlock series, fans of the Sherlock mystery novels, your boss, your puzzle-loving brother, or your brainy best friend!

The Deadly Skills Puzzle & Activity Book features a collection of puzzles,

games, and more "to keep your brain sharp and ready for any situation." Written by Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, this book includes things like word searches, pick a pair puzzles, maxes, cryptograms, colouring pages, "Killer Sudoku" and more.

A great gift for:

Fans of all things military, puzzle fans, Secret Santa, grandpa, your husband, your brother, you daughter's boyfriend, and more!

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