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Give the gift of aromatherapy *GIVEAWAY*

What would you give the people you care about if you could give them anything? Would you give them the gift of better health? How about the gift of relaxation? Of better sleep? Of lessened anxiety? I know I would. And although it may not be possible to truly protect the ones we love and to fix everything that ails them, there is a gift that we can give them that can help promote better health, better-quality sleep, more relaxation, and fewer colds and viruses during these cold months. They are safe for children as the water mist is cool, not heated, and they can help kiddos fend off those bugs that they seem to always bring home during the winter.

An essential oil diffuser is just such a gift. If you've never used one, essentially (Get it? Essentially? Essential oils? OK, anyway....) an oil diffuser works to diffuse water mist and essential oils into the air to provide a variety of benefits depending on the type of oil (or blend of oils) used. They are also a kind of natural air freshener, providing a much healthier option over other chemical-laden options. Many versions also have an illumination option, which makes the diffuser do double-duty as a night light, too.

One of the great things about an essential oil diffuser is that it is a great gift for virtually anyone. They are perfect for men and women, teachers, co-workers, grandparents, teens, college students, your mom, your BFF, etc. You could even buy one as a gift for yourself -- we'll never tell.

If you are going to gift a diffuser this year, why stop there? Go the extra mile and make it a complete gift so your recipient can start reaping the benefits of essential oils right out of the gate. There are so many essential oils out there, from single-note oils (such as peppermint or tea tree oil) to blends such as a "sleep" blend or "energy" blend. By giving your recipient some oils to start with, they can start to build their collection right away. This set, from Botanic Universe,

makes a good wintertime gift as it includes a variety of oils that are perfect for helping to ward off viruses and germs that can wreak havoc on a family at this time of year. Or, if you're feeling extra-festive, consider getting a seasonal blend such as gingerbread or a Christmas blend. Just be sure you are buying high-quality, pure oils.

Finally, to round out this amazing gift you are curating, you're going to want to include a book on essential oils. Aromatherapy with Essential OIl DIffusers by Karin Parramore, published by Robert Rose Books, is a great one! The book offers up lots of information that will help anyone get off on the right foot when it comes to using essential oils for health and wellness, including:

  • How to use a diffuser safely

  • Choosing and storing oils

  • Creating custom blends

  • The specific health benefits of more than 60 essential oils

  • How to use essential oils in topical treatments

  • How to use EOs to create natural cleaning products

...and more!

And now for the GREAT NEWS! To help you get started with putting your gift together, I'm giving away a copy of Aromatherapy with Essential Oil Diffusers! One lucky winner (Canada or U.S.) will win a copy of this awesome book!

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