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Binging on TV and movies this month? Binge with Babish!

OK, so I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog post here, but you know how it goes sometimes -- life got in the way. Winter illness hit my house, then the craziness of the holidays...and on and on it goes. Anyway, down with the excuses. I'l back now with another book review, and guys, it's a good one.

Now that the holidays are over (never mind the fact that my tree is still up -- pretend you don't notice) and the realization that we still have at least three more months of winter is setting in, it's full-on survival mode, people. It's warm blankets, hot drinks, cozy socks, and all the things mode. And what goes best with all of those things? TV and movies. 'Tis the season for binge-watching, and no binging sesh is complete without some high-quality snacks. And when those snacks can be themed to match what you're watching? I mean...what's better than that?

That's where Binging with Babish comes in.

If you're not familiar, Binging with Babish is a online cooking show on YouTube that has astronomical viewership --- upwards of 12 million per episode! In each episode, Andrew Rea teaches a recipe based on a TV or movie, such as Seinfeld, Friends, or Julie & Julia, to name just a few.

In this cookbook, Rea follows the same format, featuring countless recipes from beloved television shows and movies. Need examples? Here's just a tasting (see what I did there?):

Chicken Shawarma, inspired by The Avengers

Freddy's Ribs, inspired by House of Cards

The Moistmaker Sandwich, inspired by Friends

There are also recipes inspired by Seinfeld, Harry Potter, The Simpsons and so many others in this extensive recipe collection.

Awesome, right? So when you snuggle in to watch your favourite shows and movies, why not make it a true event by accompanying that binge session with some deliciously themed eats?

And although none of the films and shows in the book are currently contenders for Oscar or Emmy hardware, the recipes in the Binging with Babish would make amazing eats for your awards-show watching parties, too -- even if the guest list is just you and the dress code is jammies.

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