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Chicks Rule!

In a world of fairy tales that seem to teach girls that they need to be rescued, or that being catty toward other girls is the best way to get ahead (think Cinderella's step-sisters), it's a refreshing change when a book comes along that promotes the power and potential of girls in a positive, collaborative way.

That's exactly what Chicks Rule by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallan, illustrated by Renee Kurilla is. This fun and colourful teaches "chicks" of all ages that they can do anything and that other "chicks" are their partners and friends, not their adversaries. Together, all kinds of chicks can do anything they set their minds to!

This book is full of positive messages, fun, colorful images, and a rhyming text that is perfect for read alouds!

From the dust jacket:

"Nerdy Chick has been preparing all week for the Rocket Club meeting, and she's not going to let a senseless rule (No Chicks Allowed) stand in the way of her launching into space. So she looks to her fellow chicks for help. She learns that the best way to get anything done is to band together with chicks of all flocks and features. These passionate chicks lift one another up and prove, once and for all, that chicks are truly out of this world."

I highly recommend this book for moms and dads of daughters, as well as kindergarten teachers, librarians, and anyone else who is looking for a fun, empowering book to read to their kids!

Parents and teachers can download some activities to expand the learning (and the fun) of this book, here.

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