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It starts with fruit and ends in delicious

Sometimes, the most delicious things are just on the other side of fear. Making jams, jellies, preserves, and marmalade can seem daunting -- but it doesn't have to be. It Starts With Fruit by Jordan Champagne easily demystifies the process from start (the freshest, in-season fruit) to finish (73 mouthwatering recipes for all kinds of preserves).

Creating delicious preserves at home is easy with the help of this step-by-step book. The book is written in an easy-to-follow, encouraging, and approachable way, decoding the process from start to delicious finish. Recipes include:

  • Pink Grapefruit Marmalade (those three words just make my mouth water)

  • Orange Cranberry Marmalade (perfect for holiday gift-giving!)

  • Red Pepper Jam

  • Apple Butter

...and so many more.

There are also many recipes for how to take your preserves beyond a sublime spread on your favourite bread, too. You'll find recipes for treats like Fruit Cobbler, Thumbprint Cookies, and even a kid-pleasing recipe for Homemade Toaster Pastries -- because your delicious, homemade preserves deserve to be enjoyed in as many ways as possible. And this book will show you exactly how to get there.

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