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What's for dinner?

Where I live, school is around the corner, starting up -- in one incarnation or another -- after Labour Day. For many families, the return to school signals the return to routine (whatever that looks like in our COVID world), a time when a new rhythm settles over the household, when lazy summer days are traded for every member of the family moving in their own circles.

Dinner time can be a wonderful opportunity to come back together at the end of a busy day, to share a meal and connect. There's only one hurdle: Actually getting that dinner on the table. That's not always easy. But here's the key: Planning.

Plan, Buy Cook: Plan once, eat well all week by Jen Petrovic and Gaby Chapman has your solution. Following their advice, you won't find yourself standing in the middle of your kitchen at 5pm frantically trying to answer that age-old question...


Using their 4+2+1 formula, you'll always have a delicious, home-cooked meal at the ready for your family.

The recipes in this book aren't fancy. You won't find them on the menu at your favourite date-night restaurant. But that's the point. They are easy-to-accomplish dishes with readily available ingredients designed to set you up for success. At the same time, they run the gamut between recognizable favourites (hamburgers) to more exotic, yet still approachable options such as Asian noodle dishes.

This book will help you cross dinner off your to-do list even before breakfast, so you can hit the ground running.

Here, you'll find recipes like:

Shepherd's Pie

Italian Meatballs



and more! There are sides, salads, one-post dishes, casseroles, and so many other options you're sure to be able to follow the formula with dishes your family will love.

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